Regulated Medical Waste Disposal

The majority of medical waste generated in the U.S. is regulated at the state and local level, so medical and pharmaceutical waste needs to be managed in a way to ensure your staff's safety and your organization's regulatory compliance.

Our approach to managing Regulated Medical Waste

Our process

We conduct an initial medical waste review and breakdown analysis to help your company reduce regulated medical waste and minimize your costs. Once your unique needs are determined, our partners train your staff on waste stream segregation, procedures and safety.

Our differentiated value

Our dual waste permits allow the incineration of both hazardous and regulated medical waste providing unparalleled service and industry-leading customer satisfaction.

We add value to your Regulated Medical Waste treatment and disposal needs

We apply the same industry-leading customer service to our regulated medical waste customers as we do to our heavily regulated hazardous waste customers to provide:

  • Staff training
  • Appropriate container sizes and shapes, including labels, packaging and signage 
  • Flexible pick-up schedule, as well as determination of the optimum location 
  • Tracking of materials, from pick-up through final disposal 
  • Online viewing and downloading of shipping documents and manifests 
  • Recommendations for waste minimization 
  • Protocols for regulatory compliance​