Veolia Medical Waste Services

A Leader in Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Services

When working with Veolia, you can rest assured your medical waste will be handled in strict compliance with regulations. From pickup and tracking, to asset management, destruction and documentation, you can be confident that Veolia's chain of custody will protect your business.

Your complete medical waste service provider

Veolia brings innovation and global experience to more than 3,700 healthcare institutions worldwide, delivering a range of reliable, efficient, and compliant services for medical, RCRA/TSCA, and radioactive waste streams.

Biohazardous Waste

From Regulated Medical Waste to Trace Chemotherapy Waste disposal, our flexible approach ensure proper disposal of your biohazardous material.

Pathological Waste

We specialize in the incineration of biohazardous waste through our vast network of incineration facilities across the U.S.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Our innovative solutions provide pharmaceutical and biotech industries with effective waste disposal and recycling options.

Healthcare Compliance Training

Ensure OSHA compliance with our online OSHA Compliance Program