Medical Waste Training

Manage OSHA Compliance Using Veolia's comprehensive web portal

Stay OSHA compliant through Veolia's online waste training system. Learn to manage blood borne pathogens, HazCom, fire, electrical, and HIPAA training, as well as OSHA plans and forms, safety audits, SDS management, and more.

Plus, all your OSHA documents are stored in one place to help you stay up to date on regulations and future training needs.


OSHA, HIPAA and Medicare Training

Gain access to OSHA compliant training for blood borne pathogens, HazCom, fire safety,
electrical safety, HHS compliant HIPAA, recognizing Medicare fraud and abuse, and more.

OSHA regulations

Stay up to date with the most current OSHA regulations. Using the search capability you can easily find and manage all federal rules and restrictions.

Online safety audits

Perform audits of your facility to determine whether regulations are being followed and where your compliance deficiencies are. Once you learn where your problem areas are, you can assign tasks to employees with email reminders.

SDS (MSDS) Management

Easily manage your safety data sheet (SDS) to stay compliant with OSHA Hazardous Communication (HazCom) regulations. Store, view, and print all your SDSs by location or for all locations, on the corporate level of your business.

Online safety plans

Use the online plan builder to create OSHA required safety plans like fire prevention programs, HazCom programs, and exposure control plans.


Share your own safety policies and procedures within your organization by simply uploading them to the system.

KD 9 & KD10

Decrease denied claims with our KD-9 and KD-10 searchable database and save your diagnosis list down to the individual clinic level.


Keep Employees Safe

Our training center includes thirteen employee training modules which include quizzes, progress tracking, and certifications for up to 10 years. The training courses available cover blood borne pathogens, electrical safety, fire safety, GHS hazcom, HIPAA, Medicare fraud and abuse, personal protective equipment, Sharps Safety, DOT Regulated Medical Waste, and more.